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The collaborative and artistic intermedial dance project

photo: Marc Dorazillo


While a young man in Kamchatka

Dreams of a giraffe

A young girl in Mexico

Waits for the bus in the morning haze

While a little girl in New York Rolls over in her bed with asmile A little boy in Rome

Winks at the morning sun that colors the column capital

On this Earth

Always, somewhere, morning is starting

We are relaying morning

From longitude to longitude

Taking turns protecting Earth, as it were

Prick up your ears awhile before you go to sleep

And, somewhere, far away, you'll hear an alarm clock ringing

it's proof that someone has firmly caught

The morning you've passed on

The collaborative and artistic intermedial dance project MORNING RELAY (2020-2023) includes research periods at different locations (Japan, Taiwan, Germany) with diverse cross-genre forms of expression. Inspired by the poem "Morning Relay" by Shuntaro Tanigawa, choreographer Emi Miyoshi and photographer and video artist Marc Doradzillo want to capture the private morning rituals of many individuals and carry them out into the world. The differences and similarities between different generations and cultural backgrounds are captured through interviews, video and photo shoots with locals as well as pure sound recordings at several locations and made tangible in connection with dance art. Each participant's body sensations, scenes, words and emotions are extracted from each encounter, especially in the morning, in order to weave them into a cross-disciplinary, multimedia "Morning Relay" poem.

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