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Open call for one dancer! deadline 10.03.2021

Open call for Participants

In the Second Body project, the SHIBUI collective would like to deal with the consequences of the increased isolation and loneliness of an older generation due to the situation of the COVID-19 measures.

In 1: 1 encounters with senior citizens, their personal experiences with the currently forced abstinence from physical closeness and contact and the associated feeling of alienation due to the lack of intimacy in interpersonal relationships are artistically processed.

Together with the participating seniors, new forms of indirect and direct physical and artistic cooperation are explored and tested in the 1: 1 sessions with the help of various artistic media (dance, textiles, sound): How can the essence of interpersonal relationships be reformulated in such a way that also without physical contact and at a safe distance, via various artistic media, the equivalent z. B. a hug is felt.

The encounters are accompanied professionally on film. The aim is to make the encounters and their personal experiences of the participant as a person 65+ in today's society and in this particular pandemic situation visible to an audience in the form of video documentation.



The SECOND BODY project is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the cultural office of the city of Freiburg within the framework of the aid program “Art Despite Distance”.

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