Choreographer Emi Miyoshi has opened up new possibilities and forms of fusion of dance and art through collaboration with installation and audiovisual artists.

This has prompted you to found the performance collective SHIBUI Kollektiv.

The collective has become the leitmotiv, through cross-genre cooperation for years to expand the possibilities of expression and imagination - always starting from the dance as the starting medium, as a "Leitform" of expression.


For each project, dancers and guest artists from different genres are invited and a collaboration with dance sought to bring a joint work to the performance.


Shibui is a Japanese word that refers to the aesthetics of simple, modest, and rare beauty - but a beauty that can offend and leave a bitter aftertaste, bucking the short-lived trend.

It involves the maturity and complexity, the patina that can only bring time, like a fine quality wine. "Shibui" objects have a story to tell.


The SHIBUI Collective aims to find expressions that are tasteful and entertaining, yet carry a bitter or unexpected harshness.

SHIBUI collective GbR

- Artistic Director

Emi Miyoshi

- Dancer, Performer

Unita Gay Galiluyo

Yannick Badier

Rebecca Jefferson

Ruben Reniers

Nobuyoshi Asai

Azusa Nishimura

Tina Halford

Lisanne Goodhue

David Pallant

Alice Gartenschläger

Lisa Klingelhöfer

Ying TingAn

Aly Khamees

- Artist, Musician

Jürgen Oschwald


Ephraim Wegner

Annette Riessner

Thomas Wenk

Christian Dierstein

- Light

Markus Frietsch

Conny Winterholler

Natalie Stark

- Photo, Video

Marc Doradzillo

- Dramaturg

Monica Gillette

Emma-Louise Jordan


Mai Shirato

- Management, Assistant

Katharina de Andrade Ruiz

Carolin Salvamoser

Belinda Winkelmann

©2013  emi miyoshi