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Dance and Theater Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg 2019


"The ingredients are simple, the result amazing. In my room of the Freiburg Shibui Collective lives on the dialogue of two bodies with all sorts of materials. In addition to the dancer Emi Miyoshi and the visual artist Jürgen Oschwald things have their appearance, which we would seek less in the theater than in the hardware store. With ropes, adhesive tapes, poles, boards and boxes, Jürgen Oschwald creates a constantly changing landscape in front of the audience in which Emi Miyoshi moves. Things serve her as a partner for a duet or are an obstacle to getting around. Thanks to the object of the object, the creator of the landscape is soon involved in the action and forced to do physical exercise. The jury was impressed above all by the dedication of both bodies to the material and the almost inexhaustible search for ever new challenges. After the Morinonaka award-winning production at 6 Days Frei 2017, another milestone of the collective in the exploration of the interplay of dance and installation. "- Jury





The great solo performance "Depth of Field" by the Freiburg dancer Emi Miyoshi premiered in the chamber theater of the E-Werk. (...) The strongest scene of the 50-minute evening begins with a violent trembling. It passes through the dancer as a complete loss of control. The white blouse she wears transforms into the last place of retreat: she finally wraps around Miyoshi's slender body like a tent. This solo is exciting from the first to the last minute, without any idle. The audience in the sold out Kammertheater was completely thrilled. Rightly so. Emi Miyoshi dances at the height of time.

- Badische Zeitung, Bettina Schulte


"DEPTH OF FIED" is something like DNA, from which later work should emerge, and here it proves to be a medium of reflection in chamber theater (...) "DEPTH OF FIELD" is a consistent evening, conclusive in its movement language , extremely concentrated and demanding.

Culture joker, Annette Hoffmann



Dance and Theater Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg 2017


In her installation, Emi Miyoshi deals with the "unending silence" that she experiences in the landscapes of East Japan after the destruction of the 2011 tsunami. She uses this silence as a prototype and motif for war-torn and catastrophic landscapes all over the world. The jury is impressed by this work, which moves elegantly between dance, music and the fine arts and, incidentally, grazes the great catastrophes of the world. To find her way of expression, Emi Miyoshi works closely with visual artists or musicians. The installative character of their work impresses and opens up exciting worlds for dance. In "Morinonaka", Miyoshi manages to negotiate the topic of destruction in an impressive way and to develop a brittle, simple beauty. - Jury




Even more so than in the previous productions of the Freiburg choreographer, "A House" brings dance together with fine art and music.

The installations and objects condense processes that eventually lead to a dwelling. "A House" aims at equality of the art forms in an open form as possible. Experiment succeeded, routine dead.


- Badische Zeitung, Annette Hoffmann




The stage, which wants to say the opening of the window and the door, is not an enclosed aesthetic space in this performance. There is a lot of passage here. Here is toiled until the T-shirt is wet with sweat. Here is constantly on and dismantled. Nothing stays as it is, everything is in a constant creative process. Watching the two (dancer Emi Miyoshi and artist Jürgen Oschwald) create temporary moments of a combination of material and body is extremely entertaining and stimulating. You never know what will happen in the next moment. (...) Jürgen Oschwald and Emi Miyoshi deserve the utmost respect for the fact that two get involved here and work in different fields. Such creative experiments also go very well with this house, which wants to be a place for all the arts. Cross.


- Badische Zeitung, Bettina Schulte


- Shibui -

Dance and installation performance with Jürgen Oschwald



a wonderful pas de deux about the beauty of precarious balancing acts between body and things and the formative powers of failure


Art Forum Merdingen

Performance full of elegance and power




Human flotsam

The concept of the helix - a cylindrical spiral - permeates the approximately fifty-minute performance with impressive consistency.

This is danced so powerfully and precisely that the suspense keeps, especially as between meditative solos always great group choreographies fit: Sometimes they zoom with height-adjustable office chairs in rapid turns around, then again a cassette recorder with propellers and headlights swings like a sword of Damocles from the ceiling and almost dote off the dancers' heads. At the end of this journey Reniers is again breathing heavily in the stage round: Thrown from the center, caught in the time loop.

by Marion Klötzer

Bädische Zeitung 09. April 2016



That's how Dolby Surround sounds. The noise flows around us, it rises and swells off again. From the eight loudspeakers behind the rows of chairs that surround the dance floor like the sides of a square in the large hall of the E-Werk, a small sound tsunami suggests itself. In the first few minutes of Emi Miyoshi's newest dance piece "Helix", Thomas Wenk and Ephraim Wegner already illustrate the title-giving structure. The helix will be varied in every conceivable way in the next 50 or so minutes: through twists and turns of all kinds, the storage system cassette, composed for and with Thomas Wenk, and through the music itself. The helix is ​​a natural principle, tendrils are spirals and as a double helix, the picture even explains the human genome. Since it should provide enough material for a dance evening.

"Helix" is despite the almost universal structure, although a dark, but also a humorous evening. Again and again shows in the course of the evening, the playful joke of the choreographer.

By Annette Hoffmann

Cultural Joker May 2016



- Anonymous Trip -

Everything is real here. Choreographer Emi Miyoshi was inspired by the complex combination of filigree artificially produced kinetic images and unusual, varied sounds to a choreography for a male-female Japanese dancer duo. "Anonymous Trip" celebrated its strongly applauded premiere in the E-Werk.

Of high poetic beauty is the illusion of windows with a glowing garden behind them. It is such picture incidents that make up the magic of this 50-minute evening. What one sees, what one hears, is liberated from all meaningfulness and it is not necessary at all to load the evening with profound questions such as the identity coded for the Europeans. One would like to say with the former Freiburg choreographer Amanda Miller: Come and see- and just let yourself be kidnapped on this "Anonymous Trip".


By Bettina Schulte

Bädische Zeitung May 23rd. 2015


"Anonymous Trip" is a powerful, poetic evening that seeks a balance between image, music and dance because it is both the one and the other expression of an inner state.


By Annette Hoffmann

Cultural Joker June 2015



The meeting of the dancers Emi Miyoshi, Unita Gay Galiluyo, Yannick Badier and the installation artist Jürgen oschwald affects the performance "Morinonaka" also a friction of different dynamics. There are the supple, extremely fast-accelerating bodies of the dancers, and there is the visual artist, who, with gestures and gestures, rearranges the balance of power and creates new situations.

But at the latest, when Jürgen Oschwald Badier stuffs bags full of plastic strips underneath the jacket, which allows this fan to slowly slip into the draft, the two arts condense into images that stay in their heads for a long time.


By Annette Hoffmann

Cultural Joker 12.2014


The piece by Emi Miyoshi, which explores the body and at the same time turns against the beauty surgery.

"REDAKE" is the name of the choreography for six dancers, who work with clear color contrasts and set ironic highlights.

The idea of ​​integrating the hydraulics of office chairs in the staging is wonderfully lost. In addition to video and dance, language is part of the composition, which also describes the relationship between men and women.

Thus, a connection is made by women who are made beautiful mannequins, and the many communicative traps in relationships.

An almost over-complex, but fascinating work that also entertains.

By Sandra Nuy

Cologne Rundschau, April 30, 2008


- Test tube (dance nrw 07) -

Emi Miyoshi introduced herself with a charming solo "testtube". She let table tennis balls bounce around her and then acted as if she herself had swallowed a ball, which now rolls around in her. Very amusing and successful especially as a visualization of the piano music Akiko Okabe.

By Nicole Strecker

Kölner Stadtanzeiger 14.05.2007


- Sinking float (dance festival d.a.m.f 05) -

Most impressively, Emi Miyoshi succeeds in her solo "Sinking float"

when she floats her feet on the floor in the light cone of a floodlight, letting her legs correspond with the plant-like movements of her fingers lying on her back, her dance is a whole ballet in nuce, a complex choreorgia for one person.

By Basil Nikitakis

Kölner Stadtanzeiger 05.sep.2005


Emi Miyoshi succeeds in her solo, the very individual presentation of their movement language actually.So she remains very delicate in the sequence of their movements, also makes a finger twitch, a footsteps visible, and yet drives, as it were yoga for advanced, her body to the limits its flexibility-the maximum in a miniature.

By Nicole Strecker

Cologne Rundschau 05.sep.2005

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